Sell and Earn provides a unique models where any woman can be become the Entrepreneur. We take prides that currently addAspark have a proud network of 20+ womenpreneurs.

Model 1: Revenue Sharing -

You refer the addAspark in your friends and family to addAspark, you will get the 5% Revenue sharing of the order placed by your Friends & Family.

For Example: Your Referral Network is of 30 people and they placed order of INR10 lac from addAspark, you will get Cash profilt of 5% of INR10 lac ie INR50 thousand.

Investment Requirement - Nil

Time Requirement - Less

Income Level - Moderate

Model 2: Master Distributor -

You market the products of addAspark in your whatsapp group, FB, Instagram etc. You will collect the details of product people want,contact us. We will provide the promotion code of additional 5% and you will place the order. Shipment will come to you and you will distribute in your neighborhood.

You will also receive the 1% additional revenue sharing for the entire sale you have done at the end of year.

Investment Requirement - Nil

Time Requirement - Moderate

Income Level - High

If you are keen to work with us, please fill this google form.

We will connect with you shortly. We will appoint only 1 person from one society, street, Mohalla etc. We do not want our womenpreneurs to compete with each other. 


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