Sell on Marketplaces allow all brands to store inventory with us. We will manage/sell the inventory on leading marketplaces on brand behalf. There are different commercial models which can be work out.

Typical flow is:

Why addAspark:

We are leading platform to provide a platform to provide good quality beauty products to every one. We understand price and quality both goes hand in hand. Our team's vast experience in the supply chain, beauty products make us unique and here are the advantages for the brand working with us:

  • Brand need not to hire a team to manage the complex processes of Marketplaces.
  • Marketplace SLA, Rating, Penalty etc all will be managed by addAspark team
  • Inventory ageing, expiry, government rules of selling certain shelf life etc will be managed by addAspark team
  • Good Quality packaging, brand awareness campaign etc will be done by addAspark team.

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